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Jag x Emma
Whelped January 8, 2012

A nice blend of prediction and surprise seem to be at the heart of the best art.
~Wendy Carlos


The puppies are here! Four fawn puppies were born on Sunday, January 8, 2012 - three male, and one female.
Futurity nominated 2013.
Pictured at 12 weeks

Boy #1
Newcastle's Long Awaited -- "Nero"
Owned by the Hoover family (VA)
Co-owned by Newcastle
Boy 1Boy 1

Boy #2
Newcastle's Wait No More Jobymaeus -- "Joby"
Owned by the Cecil family (IN)
Co-owned by Newcastle
Boy 2Boy 2

Boy #3
Newcastle's Waiting For A Bite -- "Fisher"
Growing up at Newcastle
Serious, experienced show inquiries welcome
Boy 3Boy 3

Newcastle's Wait And See -- "Chica"
Placement Decision Pending

Watch us grow!

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Choosing a stud dog for Emma's second litter was an exhaustive process. We loved what we got from her first breeding to Harley (Ch. Faerdorn Dust Buster, CGC, IMP UK) and seriously considered repeating the breeding but decided not to press our luck. We literally looked around the world for a stud dog, and we now have several interesting prospects to consider for future generations, but in the end we decided to do a UK-NA blend. We orignally bred her to Travis (VBIS Am/Can Ch. BJay's Traveling Man, SOM), a dog we've known for years, in addition to knowing many of his kids and now owning a grandkid (our Hunter).

Unfortunately, the first breeding to Travis did not take. Sadly, Rick & Cindy lost Travis in 2011, before we could do a repeat breeding. While Rick & Cindy were more than willing to allow us to use some of Travis' frozen semen, we opted instead to breed to his gorgeous son, Jag (Ch. Randolph's Beau Jangles). Jag is the sire of our 2007 singleton, Brandy, and has been producing lovely puppies in limited breeding.

Jag and Emma have both had Dopplers, multiple Holters, and cardiologist auscultation and evaluation. Emma has been DNA tested for DM and ARVC-1. (For more information on the DNA test for DM and what the results mean, please visit our DM page. For notes on the ARVC-1 test, please visit our ARVC page.) This will be an all-fawn litter, with varying degrees of white markings. We should get dark red fawns and deep black masks from this breeding.

Be sure to check our blog for updates and information on this litter.


Ch. Randolph's Beau Jangles Am/Can Ch. BJay's Traveling Man, SOM Am/Can Ch. Bayview Strides Ahead, SOM, LOM Ch. Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, SOM, LOM
Ch. Glennroe Tequila Sunrise, DOM
Ch. Skidoo's Special Blend of Cabernet Am/Can Ch. Bayview Clean Sweep, SOM
Ch. Skidoo's Sincerely Yours, DOM
Ch. Cameliard's Color Me Gone, DOM Ch. Gray Dawn's Gallant Quest Ch. Holly Lane's Fantan of Teohlin, SOM
Gray Dawn's Dreamy Willow
Fancy Fantuzzi Ch. Cameliard's Tribute to Starjax
Cameliard's Southern Grace
Shaeward's Jolly Holiday at Newcastle Faerdorn Rock DJ, CGC (Imp UK) Ch. Showbiz for Faerdorn Ch. Norwatch Sunhawk Showtime
Mulbrea McCoist
Faerdorn Faith Ch. Faerdorn Finneas Fogg
Mindenwood Fresh Start for Suecol
Riccibet Game Time (Imp UK) Ch. Tartarian Gold Dust Ch. Hilthorn Gold Blend
Tartarian Smartly Dressed
Belucia Babe at Riccibet Maranseen Jiminey Cricket
Riccibet Bonnie Lass at Sarabellew

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