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Abe x Evie
Whelped November 12, 2009

The future is just as much a condition of the present as is the past.
"What shall be and must be is the ground of that which is."

~Friedrich Nietzsche


We considered several potential dogs for Evie's first litter, and decided on Abe (Ch. Weston's Cry for Freedom, SOM) for a number of reasons, not least of which are the numerous puppies of his that we've loved. Abe has a solid front, good bone and substance, and complements Evie's smoothness, dark eyes and pleasing expression, tight feet, good bite, squareness and balanced angulation. This litter pulls in Hugo's sire, Sunny (Ch. Cameliard's Tribute to Starjax) on three sides (the fourth side pulls in Sunny's litter sister).

Abe and Evie have both had multiple Dopplers and Holters, and have been tested for DM; Evie has also been screened for ARVC-1 and thyroid function. (For more information on the DNA test for DM and what the results mean, please visit our DM page. For notes on the ARVC-1 test, please visit our ARVC page.)

A single puppy was born via c-section on November 12, 2009. Please visit William's page for his story, and updated information and photos.

With his cow pal, at Ginger's, four weeks old

Where's William?

With his "littermates"

With Evie



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