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September 9, 1999 - October 19, 2006
Ch. Cameliard's Tribute to Starjax x Cameliard's Nivetta le Fay

The best sun we have is made of Newcastle coal,
and I am determined never to reckon upon any other.

~Horace Walpole

On October 19, 2006, we lost Hugo to complications following a bowel obstruction surgery. Following is the announcement we made to the Boxer community. The rest of Hugo's page remains as it was the day he died, as a reminder of all that we lost, and a guiding light for our future.

He's gone....

My beautiful baby boy, born into my hands, my first champion from my first litter. He should not have been my first to die.

Hugo, who had never before ingested an inappropriate object in all his seven years, had surgery at the emergency clinic last Friday to remove an obstruction, which turned out to be a pair of nylons, in his small intestine. He was progressing amazingly well, and was acting almost like his normal self by Wednesday. On Thursday morning he was lethargic, not really interested in eating, so off to the vet he went. After a couple of hours there and with no improvement he went back to the emergency clinic. He continued to deteriorate, they were able to treat him and see some mild improvements but only temporarily, so they wanted to go back in and clean out what they thought was an area of infection around the intestinal resection.

They never even got him into surgery - his blood pressure kept dropping in spite of the different medications, he started having trouble breathing, he stopped producing urine - he was heading into organ failure, he was unaware of his surroundings, and in spite of three vets working on him trying everything, he kept getting worse. We decided to end his suffering - I'll be haunted the rest of my days as to whether that was the right decision, but the vet couldn't give me any hope - it wasn't really a matter of if he would die, but when. Necropsy showed a pocket of infection in the mesentery, and 50% infarction of his kidneys, with infarctions in his pancreas and spleen as well. It was a senseless death, and I'm still struggling to come to terms with it. The world is a darker place, today.

He was my heart, and I loved him so.

We will miss you, big kid, and we love you.

"...very sound, pretty head, proper slightly sloping topline, very
masculine...great energy and style....a good-moving dog."

~Judge Stephanie Abraham

"...good head and side gait."
~Judge Norman L. Herbel

Health Test Results

Hugo is our first homebred puppy, and he takes after his half-brother, Linus, in that he is also a clown! He loves to hop around the back yard for no reason at all, then run inside and lick your face as hard as he can. He has also lately taken to carrying my shoes around the house - no chewing, no slobbering - he just carries them around. At just a few days old, Hugo could be found sleeping on his back, legs sprawled, completely relaxed and without a care in the world (a trait he retains to this day). A typical Boxer male, Hugo is incredibly sweet and laid-back, and extremely patient and gentle with puppies.

Hugo began showing in spring 2000, with consistent class wins and placements. He absolutely loves showing, and won't let me out of his sight on the mornings of a dog show, to be sure I don't forget him. (I don't even need to leash him on the grooming table these days - in fact, I have a hard time getting him off of it!) Once he matured, Hugo quickly came into his own, and in just three weekends of showing picked up 10 points (including both majors) and 4 major Reserves. After the winter break, Hugo finished his AKC Championship on February 8, 2003 at the Central Indiana Boxer Club Specialty.

Hugo has been retired from the show ring, save the occasional local Specialty, where he still holds his own. At the Michigan Boxer Club Fall 2003 Speciatly Show, judge Mrs. Stephanie Abraham awarded Hugo Best of Opposite Sex over seven other Specials, four of whom were ranked in the ABC Top Twenty for 2003. Hugo also garnered 8 points in Canada, however scheduling conflicts have prevented him from crossing the border to finish his Canadian Championship.

Hugo's first litter of puppies was whelped on August 3, 2002. We co-own a bitch from that litter, Xena (Newcastle's Crown Jewel of Randolph), and we own a bitch from his second litter, Evie (Newcastle's Vision of the Past).

Health Testing

OFA CardiacNormal4/2002BX-CA459/30M/C-PIClear of Aortic Stenosis
William A. Brown, DVM, ACVIM
OFA HipsFair4/2002BX-2624F31M-PI 
Holter9 VPCs (bigeminy)4/2002N/A9 hours of tape
Holter33 VPCs (singles)6/2004N/A24 hours of tape
"Currently clear of disease"
Kathryn M. Meurs, DVM, ACVIM
OFA ThyroidWithin Normal Ranges4/2002BX-TH62/31M-PIAnimal Health Diagnostic Library
Michigan State University
ThyroidWithin Normal Ranges6/2004 Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health
Michigan State University
ThyroidWithin Normal Ranges9/2006 Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health
Michigan State University

Hugo's Win Pictures
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MBCMichigan Boxer Club
September 26, 2003
Best of Opposite Sex
Judge Mrs. Stephanie Abraham
Pontiac KCPontiac Kennel Club
September 7, 2003
Best of Breed
Judge Mrs. Judith Voran
Pontiac KCPontiac Kennel Club
September 6, 2003
Best of Breed
Judge Mr. Bruce E. Voran
CIBCCentral Indiana Boxer Club
February 8, 2003
Winners Dog
5-point major
Judge Mr. Bruce E. Voran
**New Champion**
GMKCGreater Muskegon Kennel Club
November 8, 2002
Winners Dog
2 points
Judge Dr. Robert D. Smith
SKCSturgis Kennel Club
November 1, 2002
Winners Dog
3-point major
Judge Mrs. Dorothy O. Hutchinson
MWBCMid-west Boxer Club
October 5, 2002
Winners Dog
5-point major
Judge Mr. Bruce E. Voran
SVKCSaginaw Valley Kennel Club
September 7, 2002
Winners Dog
1 point
Judge Dr. J. D. Jones
MBCMichigan Boxer Club
May 31, 2002
Reserve Winners Dog
Judge Mrs. Phyllis Rader
DKCDetroit Kennel Club
March 17, 2002
Winners Dog/Best of Winners
1 point
Judge Dr. J. D. Jones
OBCMOhio Boxer Club Puppy Match
February 20, 2000
1st Place
4-6 Month Puppy Dogs

Hugo - 6 years
On his sixth birthday, with the present he picked out.

Hugo - 8 weeks
8 weeks old

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