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November 15, 1997 - November 25, 2006
Ch. Cameliard's Tribute to Starjax x Lady Liberty of Cameliard

But he whose inborn worth his acts commend,
Of gentle soul, to human race a friend.

~The Odyssey of Homer

Linus was our first boxer together, my very first dog - the one who started it all. He had a wonderful temperament, and is the reason I fell in love with the breed. Linus was an excellent babysitter, and was often seen herding the litter of puppies around - always making sure that he kept count of everyone! Although he put on a "gruff" act once he got older, Linus actually adored puppies, and loved to play and wrestle with them - always letting them think they were winning, of course. Linus also loved to play keepaway with whatever toy he had - his all-time favorite was a frisbee - and there were few things that brought him as much joy as ripping all of the stuffing out of a mookie, or making a Cuz squeak as loud as possible.

We lost Linus shortly after his ninth birthday. His heart had finally given all that it could, and he died peacefully doing his second-favorite thing - waiting to eat (eating, of course, being the favorite). Though he still left much too soon (as they all do regardless of their age), the fact that we had Linus for as long as we did was truly a gift; he bloated when he was 11 weeks old, and we honestly didn't think he'd see his first birthday, much less his ninth. Truly a joy to know, Linus taught us about patience, persistence, faith, and resilience, and we will never forget him.

Be at peace, Moo.

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