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11/27/2001 - 10/19/2012
Ch. Bix-L's Ricochet to Greyhawk x Riccibet's Gone Global

For me, elegance is not to pass unnoticed but to get to the very soul of what one is.
~Christian LaCroix

Patsy was our "Leap of Faith" puppy, purchased sight-unseen from Kti Jensen of Global Boxers. There was nothing timid or shy about Patsy - she adored the sound of her own voice and was not afraid to let you know when she wanted something. Patsy grew into a very nicely put-together bitch, and she loved showing. As our first owner-handled puppy, Patsy and I learned the ropes together, and did fairly well in spite of it. Once she matured, Patsy was placed in the talented hands of Genine DeMaso, and had some nice wins and Reserves. Patsy was retired from the show ring due to a health issue, but continued to delight us with her unparalled joie de vivre.

Patsy loved to play, and anything would serve as a toy - paper, an old milk carton, and even, occasionally, dog toys. She was not thrilled about stacking when we first started, but she got much better with practice. As a puppy, Patsy's favorite thing to do was cuddle - as an adult, she had far too much energy to stop for that long!

We thank everyone involved for their help in getting Patsy to us - it was truly a "global" undertaking! Her dam was a UK import co-owned by Kti with Penny Thurman of Star Boxers in Texas, and Patsy stayed with Penny in Texas for a few days when weather conditions did not permit her to be flown to Detroit. She was whelped and reared by Margie Burton of Espirit Boxers in California. (Her sire's owner, Beth Pariseau of Bix-L Boxers, also participated in the whelping.) We would especially like to thank Kti for entrusting us with this charming girl!

Patsy's name is a tribute to her dam's British heritage - Patsy Stone is a character in the TV show, Absolutely Fabulous (commonly called "AbFab") - one of our favorite shows, and one of the few British comedies that Jeremy actually thinks is funny.

Patsy died peacefully in her sleep on October 19, 2012 at almost 11 years old. In mid-September, she suddenly started pacing and staggering, almost falling. Patsy had AS so she would occasionally pass out, but this was different. We took her to the ER vet, who diagnosed a likely brain lesion. Xrays of her chest showed that, despite the AS, her heart was in great shape. A follow-up with a neurologist and MRI showed that she had two brain tumors, one large one at the base of her skull that was inoperable; the symptoms were likely due to the swelling of the brain caused by the tumor. Given Patsy's age, radiation was not recommended and chemotherapy would have been a long shot. She was put on predisone to try to relieve some of the swelling -- since she wasn't having seizures, no other meds were recommended. Patsy did have a few normal days at the end, once the pred kicked in, and we're thankful for that. We always joked that, heart problem or not, Patsy would live to be 17! She didn't quite make it that far, but was our healthiest and longest-lived Boxer to date.

We are sure Patsy (known to ringside observers as "Patsy Crazy Bitch") is tearing things up at the Bridge!

Patsy's Win Pictures
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Central IndianaCentral Indiana Kennel Club
September 11, 2004
Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex
1 point
Judge Ms. Christine Hubbell
McKinleyMcKinley Kennel Club
June 5, 2004
Winners Bitch
2 points
Judge Mr. Edmund J. Kauffman
BKCBloomington Kennel Club
April 16, 2004
Reserve Winners Bitch
Judge Mr. Jay Richardson
Photo by dpfotos.com
ABCAllegheny Boxer Club
August 2, 2003
Reserve Winners Bitch
Judge Mrs. Judith Voran


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