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Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it,
you will live along some distant day into your answers.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

Thank you for inquiring about our Boxers. If you wish to apply for our preliminary waiting list you must complete and return this questionnaire to us. Please visit our Litters page for information on any available puppies or upcoming litters.

Our goal is to produce Boxers of sound temperament and good health, combining strength and elegance to exemplify the Breed Standard.

We strive to be sure our puppies are sold to loving, committed homes. As much as possible we attempt to evaluate each puppy's personality by observing them during their development. This allows us to offer you the puppy that will best fit your situation and needs.

In an effort to ensure that our puppies are going to receive the love and care they will require throughout their lives,we ask all potential buyers to complete this questionnaire. We also ask that you write us a paragraph or so describing your experience with dogs and/or the Boxer breed; your thoughts on raw diets, vaccinations, and our natural rearing philosophy; what your plans our for this puppy (pet, show, breeding, obedience, agility, therapy, etc.); and anything else you'd like us to know about you and your family. (We used to have a long and detailed application, but we've found that we get a better "feel" for potential owners when we hear from them in their own words. You may view the long form for an idea of the kind of information we'd like to know.)

Please complete the following information and click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form when done. If your web browser does not support forms, please send an e-mail including all of the appropriate information to Newcastle Boxers.

Puppy Purchase Application

Your Name (Required):

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Phone Number (Required):

How did you find us? (Referral from another buyer, Breeder Directory, etc.)

What sex do you prefer and why?
Male Female
(Please explain your reasons)

Are you willing to take the other sex if your choice is not available and if not why not?
Yes, I am willing to take either sex No, I am not willing to take the other sex
(If not, please explain your reasons)

What color do you prefer?
Flashy Fawn Flashy Brindle Plain FawnPlain Brindle WhiteNo preference

If your preference is not available would you be willing to take another color?
Yes, I will take another color. No, I will not take another color.

What activities are you interested in doing with your dog? (Check all that apply.)
Conformation Obedience Agility Companion Tracking Protection Schutzhund Other
(If other, please specify)

Why do these activities interest you?

When are you looking to purchase a dog/puppy?
Immediately Within the next 6 months Within a year I'm willing to wait for the right dog

Please use this space to add your biography paragraph(s).

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