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Whelped 6-21-2007
Ch Randolph's Beau Jangles x Newcastle's Crown Jewel of Randolph

Our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks.
~Samuel Johnson

A single plain fawn female puppy was whelped on June 21, 2007 - unexpectedly, as we (and our vet) thought that the breeding did not take! Given the circumstances of her appearance, and the fact that she was born on the summer solstice, we named this puppy "Newcastle's Suddenly One Summer". Brandy was co-bred by Newcastle, the late Chris Randolph of Randolph Boxers, and Ginger Johnson of Cameliard Boxers, and lives with Becky Rembert.

3 weeks
Three Weeks

3 weeks
Three Days

3 weeks

Xena Jag


Ch. Randolph's Beau Jangles Am/Can Ch. Bjay's Traveling Man Ch. Bayview Strides Ahead, SOM, SOMC, LOM Ch. Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, SOM, SOMC, LOM, LOMC
Ch. Glennroe Tequila Sunrise, DOM
Ch. Skidoo's Special Blend of Cabernet Am/Can Ch. Bayview Clean Sweep, SOM, SOMC
Ch. Skidoo's Sincerely Yours, DOM
Am/Can Ch. Cameliard's Color Me Gone, DOM Ch. Gray Dawn's Gallant Quest Ch. Holly Lane's Fantan of Teohlin, SOM
Gray Dawn's Dreamy Willow
Fancy Fantuzzi Ch. Cameliard's Tribute to Starjax
Cameliard's Southern Grace
Newcastle's Crown Jewel of Randolph Ch. Cameliard's Coals to Newcastle Ch. Cameliard's Tribute to Starjax Starjax Deja Vu
Ch. Villa's Raven of Cameliard
Cameliard's Nivetta le Fay Ch. Gin'll's Tribute to Starjax
Ch. Cameliard's Morgana le Fay
Cameliard's Satin N' Lace Cameliard's Jack of Diamonds Ch. Cameliard's Tribute to Starjax
Cameliard's Magic of Merlin
Chance's Sassy Girl Ch. Echo's Aerosmith
Chances Are II

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